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We believe in the brilliance of all students

That a postsecondary education provides the best opportunity for success

About Us

Our Core Values

These values lay the foundation for how we approach our work with students, teachers, and schools.





We act bolder and use every opportunity to get better





We embrace and honor the fullness of each person





We work in active and hopeful pursuit of an equitable world





We believe that together, we go further





Together, we solve our greatest challenges

Our Vision

Every student will have an equitable opportunity to achieve their greatest postsecondary aspirations.

Our Mission

Lead the movement to transform postsecondary advising and support.


Meet the team behind the website!

Hilary Bond

Director of Program Innovation

Haisu Qu

Senior Director, Program Innovation


GradPlan FAQs

Nope! It’s completely free! We are a dedicated, passionate team of educational professionals that are determined to make your transition into life after high school as stress-free and straightforward as possible.

Absolutely! Check out financials to learn about financial aid and scholarships, along with all sorts of freebies & resources to help you cover your real life expenses in addition to tuition.

That’s okay, too! You can contact us by email or fill out the form below in Get Connected, and a real, live person will connect with you to help you figure things out and get started!

Absolutely! Whether your concerns are DACA, childcare or housing related, check out Free Resources for info about freebies & resources to support your real life circumstances.