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Elevator Pitch

The ultimate 30 second introduction

Picture this, you are in an elevator with the person who can help you make your dreams come true, you have 30-45 seconds to introduce yourself and get them invested in connecting with you in the future! Do you know what you would say?


Okay, so it may not always be that dramatic but an elevator pitch is essential when networking or meeting new and influential people. The point of an elevator pitch is to get the person you are talking to interested in you for whatever it is that you want them to be a part of whether that is a job opportunity, mentorship, or support for your creative goals, etc.

How do you write an Elevator Pitch?


Introduce yourself and whatever it is that you are “selling” (what you want the person to help you with).

The Hook

This is where you explain what skills and experience you have and highlight the purpose of what you want.

Present your ask

This is where you let the person you’re talking to know how they can support you and request to connect! You can connect by giving them your business card, LinkedIn Information, link to your virtual portfolio etc.

Before taking your elevator pitch out in the field, practice your elevator pitch with some trusted friends and family to make sure you don’t sound like a robot and to make sure you hit the big 3 steps. More tips on giving an Elevator Pitch»

When do you present your elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is not just given in an elevator! You can pitch just about anywhere. Use your elevator pitch at network events, career fairs, on campus events, parties to your professors, or even if you bump into someone “influential” in an appropriate setting.


If you’re not sure if the time and place is right, think about how you would feel receiving a pitch there.

Final Tip: Be Yourself and Stay Curious

Your elevator pitch is like a flexible tool that you can adjust depending on who you’re talking to and the setting. It’s a good idea to have a couple of versions ready: one for more formal situations like job interviews or networking events, and another for laid-back encounters, such as meeting at a coffee shop or chatting with a professor.

Always keep it genuine and let your curiosity about the other person shine through. Being yourself in these casual moments can make your pitch even more engaging and relatable. So, be prepared, stay true to who you are, and enjoy those spontaneous conversations!

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