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Job Training Just for New Moms

There’s a special job training program for young mothers in Chicagoland

It is Possible to Be a Mom and Work a Job

Like any parent, young moms want to work and provide for their family. Stable, living-wage employment is essential to providing families with enough financial support to live comfortably.

The New Moms Job Training Program is a comprehensive, fully paid, 16-week Job Training program that blends classroom and on-the-job training at their social enterprise candle company, Bright Endeavors.

The program specifically targets young moms 18-24 years old, and it provides both employment and professional training.

How does it work?

In small cohorts of peers, young moms progress through various elements of programming, including:

  • A classroom-based strengths assessment
  • Career and educational pathway planning sessions
  • Workshops for résumé writing and for practicing for job interviews
  • Hands-on job training at Bright Endeavors, and, ultimately, job placement.
  • A support group for new moms, focused on effective parenting strategies

photo by Anjali Pinto

Added Benefits

Young moms and their coaches set and track personal goals, as well as, Bright Endeavors production goals. Check-in conversations occur daily so the mom feels supported throughout the process and achieving personal and/or professional goals are celebrated!

By the end of their engagement in the New Moms Job Training Program, young moms feel more confident in their skills, their future employment opportunities, and in the steps to take to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Find out more about the program and how to apply»

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