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How to Make Friends on Campus

It’s different than high school but making friends in college is fun

Put Yourself Out There

Making new friends after high school might feel intimidating, but it can be a lot of fun!  Learning about the experiences, cultures, and backgrounds of others can broaden your own perspective and maybe even help you discover interests you didn’t know you had. You may not make new friends right away, but if you put yourself out there and stick with it you’ll find the right crew for you. Here’s some advice for how to get started.

From  Lab Partners to Besties

Your classes are great places to meet people and make friends. Since you’re in the same class, you  may have similar interests. Consider starting a study group or ask someone if they want to go to the library together after class. Or, skip the academics entirely and ask that person in class you find interesting to grab a coffee. It might feel weird, but most college students are open to making friends, so just go for it.

Join a Club

Joining a club or campus organization is an excellent way to make friends in college especially since you will be with a group of people that share your interest! People in your club will be open and willing to talk to you about your shared interests and this can spark a friendship. Once you join a club, don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to individual members and ask them to hang out outside of club meetings. Read more here on joining a club.

On Campus Events are Opportunities

Your college will likely have a lot of on-campus events during the day and at night. These events are a great chance to meet and mingle with other students in your school. During these events, talk to the person sitting next to you, engage in games, compliment a person whose style you like. If you find yourself telling jokes with someone, this may be the start of a possible friendship so keep engaging. If you don’t know about these events, ask a school advisor to direct you to the website where events are listed, or check flyers posted!

Living On Campus has Perks

If you live on campus then you will have many options to make friends. Your RA (Resident Advisor) will most likely host events for your hall/floor, especially at the beginning of the semester. Although these events may seem cheesy, check them out. There’s usually free food and you may meet some really cool people–that live close to you! You will find that many people in your hall will say “hello” or other greetings when you pass by, so go a little further and ask them about their day or where they are from.

Being Bold on the Quad

The last piece of advice is to be bold and be patient! Making friends takes time and sometimes you will find that someone who you were excited about being friends with may not be compatible. That is ok. Take a deep breath, and be bold. Say hi to that person you see every day in the library. Ask that person about that pin on their bag. If you see someone with your favorite band’s merch go up and talk to them about it.

College is about exploration, being awkward, and putting yourself out there, so give it a try! And remember, it might not seem like it, but most people on campus are feeling the same way you are, they want to make friends but are feeling nervous, so invite them in!

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