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Food Benefits with mRelief

Need help applying for food benefits? mRelief can help.

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Don’t leave food on the table

Did you know, that over $11 billion dollars in federal food benefits are left unclaimed each year?

Or, that the average food stamp applicant needs to fill out an application that is more than 17 pages long?

Or that you may have to sit through a 90-minute phone call, and then submit as many as 10 required documents all in order just to find out if you even qualify for the program?

Quick, simple and reliable

Fortunalely mRelief is here to help you. They are a nationwide non-profit that helps you sign up for food stamps. They simply that process by doing the following:

  1. Identifying if you qualify for food benefits in just a few minutes.
  2. Showing you the different options for how to apply.
  3. Providing in-depth application assistance in 1-2 weeks without having to wait in line at a government office.

For access, use the website links included here, or you can also just text “Food” to 74544 to verify your eligibility by phone. (Message and data rates may apply. See Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.)

Don’t wait! If you need help, check out the supports mRelief can provide right away, and tell them GradPlan sent you!

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