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Renting Textbooks

There are cheaper options for getting the books you need for class

Save your coins!

There are a lot of things to spend your money on in college, so here are some tips to try save a few dollars on the cost of your course textbooks. Many classes will provide Ask at the campus bookstore about the options for getting textbooks. If there isn’t an option to rent your books on campus, check out the online options below.

Online Textbook Rental Sites — – Free shipping on orders $35+, and 21-day risk-free returns makes switching classes easy. Rent or buy from their library of nearly 90,000 textbooks. – The shopping filter searches dozens of textbook rental sites to find you the lowest rental prices. Free shipping when you rent and when you return the books. – Easy search filter; return your purchase for any reason within 25 days. Always get the best price with their Price Match Guarantee.


Amazon – College shopping monster has everything, including textbooks you can buy or rent. Massive search engine helps you find the best prices.

When renting textbooks consider

  • Many sites offer 14-21 days to return books, which allows you time to see if you can find better deals as you wait for the book to arrive.
  • Extending the rental period is usually an option for a fee, which is helpful if you need to keep the book longer than expected.
  • Almost all reputable rental sites offer free shipping both ways (when the books come to you and when you return them at the end of the semester).
  • Make sure you understand what the expectations for the condition of the books you return. You don’t want to get any fees for a damaged book, writing in the book, etc.

When using e-books consider

  • You need reliable internet access where you live, and a way to view the book such as a tablet or laptop.
  • While e-books may be cheaper than a print book, they’re not a great fit for all learning styles. Consider how you’ll stay focused if reading your book on your phone, tablet, or laptop, and how you might take notes, or highlight if that is part of your study style.
  • Give it a try! If you find e-books don’t fit your learning style, you learned something new about yourself that will help you make future decisions.

Consider reselling to get some money back!

Here are some ways you can get cash for your books

  • Sell your book to a textbook rental site.
  • Sell the book to your campus book store.
  • Post your book and its price on-campus social media or an online marketplace.
  • Advertise your books on a campus bulletin board – near your class, or other places people hang out on campus, unions, cafeteria, or recreational centers (make sure to follow your campus guidelines about posting on campus).
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