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The All Chicago Emergency Fund

Get financial help with your rent and utilities when you need it most


Help is on the way

Things happen and situations change. Especially when you are young and just starting on your professional journey. The All Chicago Emergency Fund was created to help young people when they encounter a financial emergency that will affect the stability of their living situation.

You may qualify for financial assistance through the All Chicago Emergency Fund if you are at risk of experiencing homelessness or another serious emergency related to your housing situation. They will quickly provide payments on a person’s behalf for things like rent, utilities, or security deposits through a few different programs:

  • Flexible Financial Fund
  • State Homelessness Prevention Fund
  • Student Emergency Fund
  • Rapid Re-Housing Program
  • Special Funds

To find out what you qualify for, call 311 and ask for short-term assistance, or visit to find an in-person access point or community center

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