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Chicagoland Career Pathways

Explore job training program opportunities in Chicago

If you want to learn specific job skills and quickly join the workforce, a job training program might be right for you.

The Chicagoland Career Pathways site can help find the best program for you–

  • Search for hands-on job training opportunities with immediate openings
  • Filtering for job type, training length, affordability, and accessibility for all learners

Many programs are offered at a discounted rate, are completely free or offer paid training.

Hot Jobs — Explore high-demand, high-opportunity, well-paid jobs in Chicagoland.

How Can I Prepare to Apply?

Create a resume and have it reviewed by a trusted mentor or advisor before applying for job training programs.

Research any companies you are applying to through Chicagoland Career Pathways, or their website. Learn their vision and mission. Be prepared to explain why you want to work there. If you’re offered an interview, prepare for commonly asked interview questions so you feel confident on interview day.

There are a lot of great pathways to a career. Take advantage of every opportunity, ask questions, and get the information you need to make the best choice for yourself

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