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Deepen your experience or launch your career with an internship

What is an Internship?

An internship is a professional learning experience that offers an opportunity to do real work related to a particular field of study or career interest for a limited period of time. A high-quality internship meets these criteria:

  • Consists of a part-time or full-time work schedule
  • A clear job description or project the intern will complete
  • Includes the intern into the organization and its culture as a valuable employee
  • Helps the intern develop skills and clarify their professional goals
  • Provides feedback and further training to the intern

Internship Programs

America Needs You connects talent with opportunity. They work with ambitious first-generation college students by giving them the skills, mentorship, and access they need to create a meaningful career after college.

Program benefits include:

  1. A mentor coach who provides one-on-one support
  2. Access to internships at prestigious companies and organizations
  3. Networking opportunities with industry professionals
  4. Up to $2,000 in professional development grants
  5. Career Development training to learn and practice important career success skills


CareerSpring focuses on providing information, advice, and job placement services for first-generation and low-income students all in one platform.

OneGoal students can get an access code by completing this form.

Second Day

Social impact internships and jobs for young and diverse talent with an equity-driven application process.

Paragon One

Two to eight week, virtual, project-based externships with Fortune 1000 companies.

Youth Job Center

Many programs are available to equip young people the skills needed to obtain a job. Wrap-around services include workforce training, career advising, job placement and retention support. If you’re not sure where to start, check out the Core Program»


Diverse leaders from Chicagoland age 18-25 can participate in this annual leadership program to address the question: “How will we make Chicago a city for all?”


Programs equip young adults age 16-24 with 21st Century Skills by providing an intensive 8-Week Personal + Professional Development training.


This 14-week virtual fellowship experience that equips participants with the skills, confidence, networks, and experiences necessary to launch a strong career. This opportunity is available for students who have completed at least one semester of college, but is geared toward sophomores in college.

The Great Opportunities (GO) program

Particpants ages 16-24 can attend events and classes that provide education and exposure that put them on the path to success in college and/or career. Programming includes resume workshops, job readiness training, internships, employment leads, financial aid, and more.

Genesys Works

With an “earn while you learn” model participants receive business technology training and complete a paid, year-long internship with a company during senior year of high school

Urban Alliance

High school seniors who participate in Urban Alliance are connected with local businesses and organizations that provide real-world work experience through paid internships and an opportunity to build a professional network. If you’re interested, talk with your high school counselor to see if your high school is patterned with Urban Alliance!

Hire Houston Youth

Internship and job database for ages 16-24 roles with the City of Houston and corporate partners.

Texas Internship Challenge 

Internships in various industries posted by Texas employers (corporations, government, and others).

Lone Star College Job Listings

You do NOT have to be a Lone Star College student to apply for these roles. Variety of internships and jobs updated in Houston and outlying suburbs in the Lone Star Area (NW Houston).

Bank of America Summer Youth Internship Program

Apply for an internship in finance (up to $22/hr) or nonprofits ($13/hr). Bank of America has partnered with SERJobs in Houston to host this internship. For ages 16-24, 20-30 hrs/wk for 7-10 weeks.

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