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Experience-based learning for Chicago high school students

What is Embarc?

Embarc is a 3-year program that provides students from Chicago high schools with experience-based learning opportunities that helps them prepare for college and their careers.

Why is Embarc valuable? 

Embarc is dedicated to breaking down barriers for students in the education system. The program helps students to become leaders in their own neighborhoods and beyond so that they help fight for justice. Many of our Chicago neighborhoods have been tied with violence and poverty and Embarc wants to change this to give students the opportunities to excel in school, careers and lives!

Who is Embarc for?

Students seeking to gain valuable experience and early professional development that attend an Embarc partner school can apply. A list of Embarc schools can be found at the bottom of their page

How can I join?

Embarc is run through partner high schools. If you’re interested in participating, talk to your counselor about the program and how you can help bring Embarc to your school!

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