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Hispanic-Serving Institutions

Learn about schools with a history of supporting Hispanic students.

What is an HSI?

Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) are not-for-profit schools or institutions where the full-time undergraduate student enrollment is at least 25% Hispanic. HSI institutions represent 18% of all institutions of higher education and enroll 67% of all Latino undergraduates.

Why Choose an HSI?

Students find attending an HSI rewarding for many reasons. Here are some examples

  • HSI colleges are more likely to have an array of resources and supports for Hispanic students, including Hispanic Student Associations, or social groups which serve Hispanic students.
  • HSIs hire more Hispanic educators and teaching assistants, than non-HSI colleges and universities.
  • HSIs provide more targeted resources for Hispanic students, including wellness services, financial support, programs for Hispanic families and more bilingual options.

Where are HSIs located?

HSIs are located across the country and more are added each year.


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More about HSIs

  • The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities provides a series of resources to support Hispanic students through their college journeys.
  • HSIs have grown on average by an increase of 28 institutions per year since 2009.
  • A majority of HSIs are in cities and are concentrated geographically, with 83% of these institutions located in six states including California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, and New Mexico.
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