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FAFSA Renewal

How to renew your FAFSA each year so you can continue to receive financial aid for school.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) allows US Citizens and eligible residents to apply for money to help pay for continuing education after high school. Some scholarship foundations also utilize the FAFSA to determine eligibility.

What types of financial aid can I get by completing the FAFSA?
  • Grants
  • Loans
  • Work Study

Who is eligible?

You must have a valid social security number and meet one or more of the following criteria–

  • Be a US Citizen or US National
  • Have a Green Card
  • Have an Arrival-Departure Record
  • Have Battered Immigrant Status
  • Have a T-visa or have a Parent with a T-1 visa

Learn more about eligibility requirements »

When do I renew?

The application opens on October 1st to receive funds for the school year that begins the following fall.
TIP! Apply as early as possible to receive the most amount of financial aid possible.

What application materials do I need?

Financial Information

– W2s
– Bank Statements
– Investment Records (If eligible)
– Records of Untaxed Income (If eligible)

Example: If you need financial aid for 2024, then you need your parents’ 2022 tax returns.

Ready to renew?

Log-into the FAFSA.gov as a Returning User

Once you are logged in you will have the option to update your current FAFSA or to start a new one for the next year. Select “start a new one for the next year.”

Example– If it is November 1, 2023 and you want to start your renewal FAFSA application for the next school year, you would choose the 2024-25 option, since classes for the next year would start in the fall of 2024.

Review and Update your Information

When renewing your FAFSA, the information you previously entered for the current school year will automatically populate. This saves a lot of time! Review the information to ensure it is current and update as needed.

Reminder– Be sure the school you’re planning to attend the following year is listed on your FAFSA.

Sign and Submit your Application

You and your parent must sign and submit the application using your FSA IDs. Then click submit!

Follow-up with your Financial Aid Office 

Three weeks after you have submitted your renewal FAFSA, stop by your college’s Financial Aid Office. Ask them to check if your renewal FAFSA is showing up for them. They can let you know if everything looks good, if something is missing, or if you need to wait a little longer for it to process.


Tip! Don’t forget about scholarships!

Tip! When you’re in the financial aid office, ask about scholarship opportunities through your school. Most colleges have scholarships available to current students that may not have been eligible for before.

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