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Playing Sports/Intramurals in College

How to balance your athletic endeavors with your classes

You don’t have to have an athletic scholarship to play sports in college. Intramural sports are a great way to play the game you love, have fun and meet new friends. Here are some key things to know:

What is it?

An “intramural” sports team is a group of students who play together from the same college against other other groups of students from that same college. At some schools you can select how competitively you want to play the sport which can give you the opportunity to really sharpen your skills or try a brand new sport. While intramural sports can be competitive, the main goal is to have fun, make friends, and to try to improve in something you enjoy.

How does it work?

Intramural sports are organized on a sign-up basis, there are typically no tryouts. You can usually form a team on your own with friends, or find out how to join a team. Most colleges have information for signing up at the campus athletic or fitness center, or you can search “intramural sports” on your college’s website.

What are the different types?

The most common intramurals are soccer, basketball, volleyball, flag football, ultimate frisbee, rugby and softball.

Due to equipment costs some sports are less commonly offered as intramural options, such as: rowing, baseball, lacrosse, sailing, golf and ice hockey.

How do you know if playing intramural sports is for you?

Consider these factors:

  • You’re interested in playing a game you enjoy in a semi-competitive setting.
  • You have time outside of class that you would like to fill with something fun.
  • You’re interested in finding people like you who you can play your favorite sports with.
  • Some intramurals charge a fee or require equipment (a softball glove, knee pads, a helmet, etc.), so ask when you are considering signing up for a team.
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