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Transfer from a 2-Year College

All the need-to-know info about transferring from a 2-yr to a 4-yr college.

After completing your Associate’s Degree at a 2-year college, or community college, you have options! One option is to “transfer” to a new college to complete your Bachelor’s Degree. It is a very common process, and your current college can help you get set up. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Transfer?

By transferring, you bring with you credits earned from your Associate’s Degree meaning you can earn your Bachelor’s degree faster than if you only had your high school diploma.

How do I do it?

You will need to complete a transfer application for each college you are considering transferring to. The process is very similar to the freshman application process you completed as a senior in high school. You will also want to renew your financial aid application and include each school you’re considering.

Gather your application materials —

College Transcripts

Most schools have an option to send your transcripts to another college electronically through your student portal. There may be a fee, ask your advisor about fee waiver options.

Letters of Recommendation

If you need a letter of recommendation, ask possible writers at least 3 weeks before the letter is due. Try to obtain a letter from a professor who can speak about your work ethic as well as your academic strengths.

An Essay Or Writing Sample

Some colleges may ask for a personal statement or a writing sample with your transfer application. Consider visiting the writing center to have them review your work before you submit it.

Get Advising–

Ask for help! The sooner you can talk to a transfer advisor at your 2-year college, the better. These advisors know which colleges are most likely to accept you based on your major and your academic record. Some 2-year colleges even have relationships with local 4-year programs which can make your transfer process a lot easier

Here is some additional information your transfer advisor can provide:

  • Scheduled campus tours of 4-year colleges you are considering
  • Scholarship assistance
  • Information about local transfer fairs
  • Transfer application assistance
  • Application fee waivers


Transferring from a 2-year college to a 4-year institution may seem hard because you’ll be in a new environment, with new classmates and new professors, etc. But, you’ve done this before! You put in the work, and overcame obstacles to get your Associate’s Degree, and YOU CAN definitely do the same at your new 4-year school as well.

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