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Tutoring Services

How to take advantage of the academic supports on your campus

What is Tutoring?

This is the process of getting academic help for a class you are taking. Tutoring can be very specific – to master a concept, learn a formula, or practice a skill – or it can be more broad – getting help with a challenging class, or to improve one’s overall essay writing.

When to use Tutoring?

Most people turn to tutoring when they are struggling academically, but tutoring can be used even before you’re having troubles. For example, If you’ve always had a hard time in math classes and you have to take a math class, sign up for once-a-week tutoring at the start of the semester. Tutoring can reinforce the concepts your learning in class, and boost your confidence for exams. 

Tutoring can also be used as an accountability tool. If you want to get ahead in the readings or assignments, or build a study plan to support your learning throughout the semester, a tutor can help.

How do I sign up?

Most universities and colleges have free tutoring services offered on campus! If your not sure about tutoring options on your campus, go to your college’s website, type “tutoring” in the search bar and scan the results for on-campus tutoring at your school. You can also ask your professor or academic advisor if they know of any tutoring opportunities. 

How does tutoring work?

Tutors are often students who excelled in the class or subject they are tutoring in. 

Sessions vary in length, and you can opt to end early if you don’t need your full time-slot. You may need to make an appointment ahead of time, or able to get walk-in support; be sure to check these details ahead of time. Lastly, tutoring may be offered in small groups or one-on-one. To make the most of tutoring, consider which format will be best for you and if you don’t know, give each a try before making your decision.

Off-Campus and Alternative Tutoring Options:

If you can’t get tutoring on campus, check out our Free Tutoring section.  And if you don’t qualify for those, here are some options, however they may require a fee:

  • Chegg: $30 a month for an hour-long virtual session.
  • Khan Academy: you won’t find a tutor here, but there a lot of resources and study tools available here
  • VarsityTutors: This is specifically for college students, it’s all online and mobile. Pricing is available upon request.
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