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How to Use Our OneGoal Chatbot

Have a specific question? Try using the OneGoal Chatbot to get the answer you need.

Get help when you need it

OneGoal Chatbot is a chatbot designed by OneGoal to support high school graduates on their college and career journeys. The chatbot provides personalized assistance to students by answering their direct questions using information pulled from the GradPlan website, or from learnings created by OneGoal advisors.

In addition to being able to ask OneGoal Chatbot questions at any time, participating Fellows will receive weekly text message on topics –

  • Application and Enrollment Deadlines
  • New Scholarship Opportunities
  • Financial Aid Reminders and Updates

How our chatbot works: 

OneGoal Chatbot is trained to respond to over 2,000 commonly asked questions about life after high school and responds immediately 24/7. Where possible, the chatbot will refer you to the most current information and resources it has access to.

When communicating with OneGoal Chatbot it is best to ask a specific, short question. It is difficult for the chatbot to understand longer questions or texts that have multiple questions at once. 


  • How do I register for class?
  • How do I apply for FAFSA?
  • Where can I apply for scholarships?
  • Where do I find my FSA ID and do I need it to apply for scholarships?
  • Hey chatbot, I am thinking about waiting until the spring to enroll, how much does that cost and do many students do that?

Want to talk to a real person?

Not getting what you need from OneGoal Chatbot? Send #human through the chat box to learn how you can connect with a person.

Here are some other commands you can give OneGoal Chatbot

#language – Allows you to change the language the chatbot uses to communicate with you.

#pause – Temporarily stops the chatbot from sending you messages, announcements and notifications.

#changename – Request that the chatbot address you by your preferred name or nickname.

STOP – Permanently removes you from communication from the chatbot. If you change your mind and want to receive messages in the future, you will need to complete the sign up process again.

Who is eligible for OneGoal Chatbot? 

As of now, the chatbot weekly texts are only sent to OneGoal Fellows based in Chicago, Houston, and the Bay Area.

Not sure if you are a OneGoal Fellow? Click here.

And lastly…

The goal of OneGoal Chatbot is  to help you reach your goals through informed decision making. With the chatbot by your side, you can navigate the complexities of the college and career landscape with confidence and ease.

When you win, we all win!

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