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How do I know if I am a OneGoal Fellow?

Here are some easy ways to determine if you are a OneGoal Fellow or Alumni.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you are a OneGoal Fellow:

Did you take the OneGoal class as an elective during your junior and/or senior year of high school, and were you still in that class when you graduated?
In your OneGoal class, did you have a Program Director (PD) or OneGoal staff member who helped you plan and prepare for college or a career?

If you answered yes to both questions, you are a OneGoal Fellow or Alumni and have access to our continued support after high school.

What’s the difference between a OneGoal Fellow and an Alumni?

As a OneGoal Fellow you have access to advising and support from your Program Director and OneGoal staff during high school. After high school graduation, you become a Y3 Fellow.

Once you have completed your Y3 year, you will become a OneGoal Alumni. Our alums are still part of the family, and you will be able to communicate with OneGoal anytime to ask questions, seek advice or to celebrate a big win – like college graduation!


Learn more about the support available to OneGoal Fellows and Alumni

There are a lot of great benefits to being a OneGoal Fellow or a OneGoal Alumni. Check out the latest information about services and supports so you know what additional resources you have access to. You can also reach out to your Program Director (PD) to ask for help throughout your time in OneGoal, or check out our organization’s website for more information.

Need help?  Email us at so we can help you get your questions answered right away.

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