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12- vs 16-week Classes at Chicago City Colleges

Learn how 12-week classes at a CCC differ from 16-week classes

How Are 12-Week Classes Different?

The main difference is that professors are delivering the content of a 16-week class in only 12 weeks, making the class faster and more intense.

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12-Week Classes

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16-Week Classes


– Class time is usually longer (90-120 min)

– More time outside of class may be required for assignments

– Tests will occur sooner in the schedule


– May feel more rigorous due to the compressed schedule

– More focused and efficient

-Mix one 12-week with 16-week classes to space out start dates

– Allows you to work additional hours at a job


– Class length is usually shorter (60 – 75 min)

– Reading and assignments are spread across more weeks

– Tests will happen a bit later


– Pacing might feel more manageable

– More gradual pace

– Course load can feel more manageable and less rushed

– Have more time to get to know professor and classmates

How are 12-Week Classes the Same as 16-Week Classes?

  • Grades are weighted exactly the same.
  • You earn the same amount of credits upon completion.
  • There is no difference in cost per semester.
  • Both classes are viewed the same on a transcript for transfer credit.

How Do I Decide?

If you answer yes to the following questions, a 12-week course might be right for you.

  • Are you able to stay focused and work through lectures and class activities that are closer to 2 hours in length?
  • Would you benefit from having extra time in the beginning of the semester before your 12-week class starts?
  • Do you do well when assignment deadlines come up quickly?
  • Are you good at scheduling time outside of class to read course materials and prepare for your classes?

But Remember, You Don’t Have to Decide Alone. 

If you are considering 12-week classes, it is a good idea to talk to your academic advisor. Let them know what you are thinking and share any concerns you have. Your advisor can help you think through the big picture of your schedule and let you know what course options are available.

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