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California Community Colleges

A step-by-step guide to enrolling

Steps to Enroll in California Community Colleges

If you decide that community college is the best fit school for you, there are a few steps to complete before you can begin your program. For support with any of these steps, contact your admissions counselor, academic advisor, or student services!


Create a CCC Apply account
(5-10 minutes)

  • If you’ve taken community college classes before (like dual enrollment), then you can log into your existing account. If you don’t remember your login information, click on the “forget username/password” buttons on the website.
Select the college at the California Community College homepage.


Submit an application
to your chosen college on CCC Apply (20 minutes)

  • After logging in to your CCC Apply account, click on “Begin Application” and then select your community college from the options.
  • When selecting Major and Educational Goal, keep an eye on which ones are eligible for financial aid. Avoid selecting Undeclared or Undecided – you can always change this later.
  • The application includes questions about your education (GPA & highest English/Math courses completed), needs & interests, demographics, and supplemental questions based on the college you selected.
Select which term you'd like to enroll in: Fall, Spring, or Summer.


Confirm that your application has
been processed 

  • You will receive an email within a few days with your student ID number and instructions on how to access your student portal.
  • Make sure to save the email and your Student ID # – you will need it to register for classes, check financial aid, and access your enrollment checklist.


Complete your enrollment checklist
before registering for classes

  • Schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss your goals, create an education plan, and decide which classes to take. If you sign up for a program like Puente or Umoja, which support students of color to persist and graduate, you can meet with your program counselor instead. Make sure to bring your unofficial transcript from high school and any community college courses you’ve completed to your meeting. Some schools ask new students to register for an online counseling course to complete their education plans, instead of scheduling an appointment.
  • Complete a new student orientation (online, usually takes about 30 minutes).
  • Complete your school’s self-placement process for math & English courses. You will likely need a copy of your high school transcript.
Complete your enrollment checklist and schedule a First Semester Planning Session with an advisor.


Register for Classes

  • Pick based on your education plan. You can check your student portal to find out when you’re eligible to register.
  • If you have a hold on your account, you may not be able to register until it’s cleared. Reach out to your counselor if you have questions about removing the hold.
  • Need help registering? Check out these instructional videos from Peralta Colleges and Chabot College.
Go to your student portal to review and choose your classes for the semester.


Update and review
your financial aid 

  • If you haven’t already, complete your FAFSA or CA Dream Act and make sure your college is added.
  • Check your portal to make sure your financial aid is correct and you aren’t missing any required documentation.  You may be eligible for free tuition for 1-2 years through your college’s promise program if you’ve completed your FAFSA/CADAA and are a full-time student.
  • Keep track of your school’s tuition deadline to avoid missing payment and potentially being dropped from your class.


Apply for an on-campus student
support program!

Programs like EOPS, Puente, and Umoja provide advising, community, tutoring, access to resources, and more. You can find a list of programs for your school here.

Important Information for California Community Colleges:

Use the links below to find out more about a specific community college you’re interested in and their enrollment process.

Contra Costa College

Diablo Valley College

De Anza College

Laney College

Los Medanos College

Merritt College

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