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Class Registration

How and when to sign up for classes!

You’ve attended orientation and submitted all your forms. Great work! Now you’re ready to sign up for classes. Registering for classes can be confusing. Not all schools have the same process. If you have any uncertainty, get help from an academic advisor. Choosing the right classes for your major is critical to efficiently earning your degree. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Prepare for Class Registration

Speak to your advisor about what classes to take. You might do this at New Student Orientation, you might need to make an appointment or both. Whatever the case, get some expert advice before choosing your classes.

Ask questions to ensure you’re making the right choices. In the end, your education is your responsibility.

Do your research. Use tools like to learn more about the instructors for your classes and if their teaching style is a good fit for you.

Know your availability. Is there a time you won’t be able to get to campus? Do you learn better in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Consider these factors when creating your class schedule.

Be realistic about your time and capacity. Add the classes you want to take to a calendar to see what your weekly schedule might look like.

Take a look at your potential schedule and ask yourself: 

  • Do I have time to get to each class?
  • Do I have time for meal breaks?
  • Will I be able to focus for my entire class-day?
  • Do I have time to study and uphold my commitments outside of school?

If you answer yes to all those questions, you’ve got yourself a great potential schedule!

If you answer no to one or more, consider some adjustments.

How to Approach Class Registration

Select backup classes. You’ll want an alternative on hand, in case your top choice classes become full or unavailable while you are registering.

Get your financial aid in order. You don’t want to sign up for classes you cannot pay for.

Check your student portal for flags or holds. Some institutions place holds or flags on your account signaling action is required before you can register for courses. Common actions associated with flags or holds are paying off an account balance, submitting a missing registration document or meeting with your academic advisor.

Remember, in order to be considered a full time student and receive your full financial aid award, you must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours per semester.

So, You’re Registered! What’s next?

Add your classes to your Google Calendar or whatever you use to keep track of your schedule.

Go to your student portal and review your syllabus for each class. The syllabus tells you what textbooks and/or supplies you need for this semester and has an overview of assignments. Read carefully, some books and supplies may be optional.

Email your professors to introduce yourself. See if they have any advice for you regarding their class. You’ll be surprised how this little step can help you get off on the right foot in each class. Here’s a sample email of what this might look like:

Subject: Intro from Student in HIST122


Hello Professor Pope,

My name is Jaime. I am going to be a student in your HIST122 class this semester. I am excited to learn more about the History of the Americas as my family comes from the Dominican Republic so the topic has always interested me. I am a first year history major and I want to be a high school history teacher for a career.

I reviewed the syllabus and I have two quick questions:

  1. Will we be using all of the textbooks listed in the syllabus this semester?
  2. I have a class during your office hours. Is there another day/time when you are available?

Thank you,

Jaime D.
c. 300.303.3333

You can also use this guide for more details about how and when to email a professor during the semester.

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