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Secure Your Spot

How to navigate enrollment deposit fees to secure your college spot.

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted into your dream college.

Now it’s time to secure your spot. Most schools require you to pay an Enrollment Deposit Fee, and some schools also require a signed Letter of Intent. Learn more about each of these items and how to secure your spot at your new school.

Enrollment Deposit Fee

An Enrollment Deposit Fee is a non-refundable cost paid to the school you plan to enroll at. The fee guarantees your spot as a student at that school. Enrollment Deposits range from $100-$1000 and go toward your tuition.

Tip! Before paying an enrollment fee, be sure you understand your financial aid package, specifically the cost of the school after your financial aid is applied. Award Letters can be confusing! If you’re unsure how much the school will cost, consider reviewing your financial aid award letter(s) with your school counselor, or advisor.

Getting Your Enrollment Fee Waived

If you need help paying the enrollment fee, you can request to have it waived. The National Association For College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) has made a waiver that you can complete. No printing required.

You are eligible for an enrollment deposit if you:

  • You have or are eligible for a Pell Grant
  • Your family receives public assistance
  • You received a testing or application fee waiver for your SAT or ACT
  • You live in low-income housing, foster care, or are without a home
  • Your family income falls below the income eligibility requirements set by the USDA
  • You are enrolled in a program that aids low-income families
  • You are enrolled or eligible for a Free or Reduced Lunch Program

Please Note: If you don’t meet the NACAC Enrollment Deposit Fee Waiver criteria above, you can still reach out to your college’s admission office directly to request a fee waiver. Explain your situation and ask what options are available if you can’t pay the fee.

Letter of Intent

This is usually a brief email, or signed document in your admissions package in which you declare you plan to attend that school. Not all schools require a Letter of Intent. Some view a paid Enrollment Deposit Fee as proof that you are going to enroll at their school.

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