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One Million Degrees

Want to develop your professional skills and earn money in the process?

You are One in a Million

One Million Degrees (OMD) is a Chicago-based nonprofit program dedicated to helping students from low-income backgrounds overcome challenges they encounter in their college journey. To participate in OMD you must be a college student planning to enroll or enrolled at City Colleges of Chicago, Harper College, Prairie State College or South Suburban College.

How does One Million Degrees work?

The program offers scholars academic, financial, professional and personal support. One Million Degrees Scholars receive this support through monthly development workshops (usually held on Saturday mornings) and meeting with their coach and Program Coordinator.

Why choose One Million Degrees?

Developing your professional skills is just as important as getting your degree. One Million Degrees helps you develop those skills and bring out your limitless potential. The program is committed to helping you become a leader in your school, community, and career. Check out some of the great resources available to you through their program:

Financial Aid:

– Last-Dollar Scholarship

– Stipends Distributed throughout the year (Up to $1000 per academic year!)

Professional Development:

– Monthly development workshops

– Professional and Personal Coaching

– Career Exploration Plan


– Tutoring

– Academic Planning

– Support for students transferring to a 4-year institution

Who is Eligible? 

In order to be considered for admissions into the program you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Enrolled or planning to enroll at City Colleges of Chicago, Harper College, Prairie State College or South Suburban College
  • Receive the Pell Grant, MAP Grant, CHA Partners in Education, OR Chicago STAR Scholarship. (If you receive a scholarship or grant that is not listed, contact OMD to see if you are eligible)
  • Have a 2.0+ High school GPA, and have no previous college degrees– associate or higher

In order to remain in good standing and continue receiving support once you’re admitted, you must participate in monthly coaching, attend development workshops, meet with your academic advisor each semester, and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA .

How do I apply?

Check for the application each spring, usually in March.

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