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What if I Get Rejected?

You may not get into every college you apply to, and that’s ok

Rejection is temporary.

There are over 2,800 4-year colleges and university programs in the United States and not all of them are going to be the right fit for you and vice versa. The good news is that there are a lot of colleges out there that would LOVE to have YOU on their campus.

What happened?

If a college decides not to offer you admission at this time, they have three options to choose from in response:

This means the college likes you, but isn’t sure if they have a spot for you yet. Some good news is that 20% of all waitlisted applicants receive an acceptance letter after a short delay.

Admission Declined
This means the college is not able to offer you admission this year.

Admission Deferred
This sometimes happens for early decision/early action applicants. This means you will be considered or regular admission and still might be accepted later in the year.

What are my options?

Great question, there are some strategies you can use depending on what feels right for you.

Keep it Moving.
It is impossible to know right now which college is going to be exactly right for you. So take the “No” in stride, and move on. What’s meant for you won’t pass you by.

Ask for more information.
College decisions are usually pretty final. But it never hurts to send an email to the admissions office and ask why you weren’t accepted and if there is anything you can do to appeal the decision.

Increase your GPA, then apply again.
If there is a “dream” school you really want to attend, but they reject you, you could start at a school with more flexible admission (maybe a 2-year college, or another 4-year school with lower admission criteria) Build a strong GPA, set up a transfer plan with a counselor, and apply again to your dream college in two years.

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Just Remember…

A rejection letter is not a rejection of you personally– only a glimpse of you is represented through the application process. Many different factors go into a school’s decision to admit students. You are more than your applications and more than their outcomes. Persist on your path and you’ll reach your goals.

And a knockdown is far from a knockout…Listen to Karoline’s application story to hear how she turned a disappointing outcome into a story of redemption and resilience.

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