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OneGoal Fellow & Alumni Benefits

Learn about support available after high school graduation for OneGoal Fellows and Alums

After high school graduation, you can continue to receive support from OneGoal
As an active OneGoal Fellow…
  • Continued support and connection to your OneGoal Program Director (PD).
  • Continued outreach, resources and information from the OneGoal organization.
  • Access to the OneGoal Emergency Fund (see below) to offset an urgent financial need.
  • On-campus support at one of OneGoal’s 24 Illinois partner institutions.
As a OneGoal Alumni…
  • You can make appointments with a Fellow Advisor for additional support.

  • You can request immediate financial support from the OneGoal Emergency Fund (see below).
  • OneGoal will reach out to you with alumni opportunities as they arise.
  • We will celebrate your wins with you, so stay in communication!

“Once a OneGoal Fellow, always a OneGoal Fellow”

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