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Getting Financial Aid for a Job Training Program

Find career pathway options that accept federal financial aid

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If you’re looking to jump straight into a career path, you may still be able to use federal and state aid. Much like in a 2-year or 4-year college, students can receive a Pell Grant, state aid, and federal student loans to pay for a trade or technical school.

Some trade schools are a part of a community college. These programs may have their own admissions or financial aid process. For example, the Dawson Institute is part of Kennedy-King College, located in Chicago, IL., but Dawson has its own campus, its own financial aid process and certain trade programs require pre-tests before admission.

If you’re looking to find a job program where you can use federal and state financial aid, your local community college is a good place to start. These programs will likely accept the FAFSA for financial aid because they are accredited colleges.

Check out these National Job Training Programs. They are free to participate in and some may even pay you to complete their training!

You might have other job training programs in your area: if you are not sure if they accept FAFSA, call and ask. If they do accept FAFSA, ask what their FAFSA code is so you can add them to your financial aid application.

Finally, check out this information about Trade School Scholarships – That’s right, you can get scholarships for trade school!

The more doors you knock on, the more likely one will open for you. So try out all of these options when considering a job training program and get the funding you deserve.

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